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"They are French pirates. They will all die tomorrow."

"They are not all men, Excellence. One of them is a girl. I might pay well for her."

The Pasha was starteled out of his customary urbanity. "Pay for a pirate? Non, no, my lord, there is little enough to comfort a man in that one. But if it would please you to look through this window..." A fretted window overlooked a scene of the Pasha's seraglio. "The choice of them is yours, my lord."

"Tempting as these sights are, Mehmet Pasha, I regret I must forego the pleasures they promise. The girl prisoner would not be for such a purpose, I assure you." As he spoke he drew from his finger a pearl ring of singular beauty and contemplated it. "I understand your scruples, believe me. But is there no way this matter could be arranged to our... mutual benefit?"

The Earl of Ambourne had need for a woman but not to satisfy his physical appetites. He needed somebody he could train to become a great lady and settle a score with his enemies. Perdita, without history and connections but of astonishing beauty seemed just right for his purpose. But Perdita vowed that Lord Ambourne would never learn how much she knew about being a lady, at least not before she was good and ready. She would not be used so!

First published 1991 by Masquerade, reissued 1993 (Harelquin), reprint 2006 in The regency lords & ladies collection. Vol. 9
Cover: Harlequin Regency Romance, April 1993
ISBN: 0263129586, 0263774228, 0373311958, 0263844250

[A] Darling Amazon

Hugh bowed and sat down. After a minute or two he said, without turning his head, "You can come out now. I imagine you would prefer to not stay there the whole evening."

Shrinking back into her plant pots, Julia gasped, "How did you know I was here?"

"My dear girl, I saw you when I first came in."

"It's true that I'm difficult to miss," she said bitterly.

"Why the devil should anyone want to?" was his surprise response. "Stop cowering in there and dance with me instead."

When heiress Julia Marchant's dying father fretted about her unmarried state, a chance seen item in the newspaper offered a way out. Julia pretended that she was to marry Hugo Devenish, now the Marquess of Rostherne, a man she met briefly nearly ten years ago during her blotched first season. She had no suspicion that her father would publish their betrothal. To make her father's last days happy she agrees to marry Lord Rostherne, who's about to lose his inheritance to his father's creditors. And then Hugo's former sister in law shows up...

"Darling Amazon" is, unusually for Sylvia Andrew, a relentlessly dark book although it does end happily. Julia has never quite forgotten her first love but she knows that Hugo doesn't feel the same. Hugo has many secrets and his former experiences have made him highly suspicious of women. It doesn't help the situation that Julia's vindictive cousin tries to sow discord or that his sister in law has her own ideas on whom Hugo should marry. A sometimes painfully emotional read.

First published 1992 by Mills & Boon, reissued 1993, 1995 (Harlequin)
Cover: Harlequin Reluctant Bridegrooms, May 1995
ISBN: 026313492X, 0263780465, 0263135543, 0373312180


After a good run she paused on the highest point for miles around. Away to the south the slanting winter sun exaggerated the folds and furrows of the land, and the fields below formed a patchwork of black and brown, russet and green. Something tugged at her mind, a line of poetry she had recently read and not fully appreciated till now. It was about hedgerows...

"'Hardly hedgerows... hardly hedgerows...' but what comes next?"

"Hardly hedgerows -little lines of sportive wood run wild," said a voice behind her. "And who the devil are you?"

Thus begins the extraordinary friendship between Serena Calvert and Lord Wintersett, high upon that hill where they created a world of their own. Soon Serena has to leave to chaperon her niece's entry into society, but Lord Wintersett in London is a very different man from her close companion on the Surrey Downs. Can they find their way back through betrayal, heartbreak and sorrow, or is their friendship destroyed forever?

"Serena" is in my opinion the very best of Sylvia Andrew's books. The emotional more than simply sexual tension between the main characters kept me turning the pages. It has a happy ending, it is a romance after all, but few books have had me wondering right up to the very end if they will really be able to overcome all that separate them and find happiness together. An absorbing read. Note: This book is losely linked to "Perdita."

Svensk titel: Serenas dans

Översättare: Eva Wennbom
Förlag: Harlequin, 1998
ISBN: 91-640-0981-5

First published 1994 by Mills & Boon (Harlequin), reissued 1995, 1999 and 2000. Also reprinted 1995 in Dalliance & Deception and 1999 in The Last Enchantment
Cover: Harlequin Regency Romance, October 2000
ISBN: 0263137317, 0263786293, 0263140180, 0373511167, 0373312202, 0263817083, 0373312202


"What the devil...?" Before Serafina realised what was happening a lean hand had stretched up to grasp her ankle. "What are you doing here? Come down at once!"

Serafina held on to her perch for dear life and kicked hard. Sam, seeing his master attacked, cried "Come down you little varmint!" and started to pull on the vine.

"No, don't do that Eckford! You'll have the place down-"

But it was too late. The structure gave a grown and slowly disintegrated. Man and master were buried under the old vine as Serafina slid helplessly along the pole to land gently on the ground some feet away.

If Lord Aldworth must marry, which he's by no means resigned to, then his bride should be nice and biddable, not too intelligent or demanding, well brought up, of good family and naturally excessively beautiful. Serafina's family was in financial straights so she decided to catch him. Since beauty was the only trait Serafina shared with the girl Lord Aldworth would marry, she decided to transform herself into the meek mouse he wanted. This served very well, until Lord Aldworth happened upon her being the opinionated hoyden she was at heart. Serafina instantly pretended to be her own nonexisting sister Sally and soon Lord Aldworth was torn between the two sisters, the one so suitable, the other so dear to his heart. Then Lord Aldworth asked Sally to pretend to be Serafina...

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!" This is a most hilarious story about the trouble one causes oneself when trying to cover up with an untruth. However, it's not every girl that can be upset with her fiancée because he's playing her false with herself! Lord Aldworth doesn't come off without a scratch either; this arrogant man needs to get humbled a bit. A fun read.

Svensk titel: Serafinas spel

Översättare: Eva Wennbom
Förlag: Harlequin, 1998
ISBN: 91-640-0999-8

First published 1994 by Mills & Boon, reprinted, 1999. Reissued 1995 in The Regency Collection vol 8.
Cover: Mills & Boon Legacy of Love, February 1995
ISBN: 0263141667, 026378990X, 0263141926, 0263823520


"Good morning, Miss Southeran. I see you are an early riser."

"I'm not sure, sir, that my aunt would approve of...of..."

"She wouldn't want you even to bid an perfectly respectable acquaintance good morning? I find that hard to believe. Your aunt is a stickler for the rules, I'm sure."

"I doubt very much that she would describe you as 'perfectly respectable', Mr. Gutrie."

First published 1994 by Mills & Boon, reissued 1995, 1999, 2000, 2004.
Cover: Mills & Boon The Regency Collection #10, 1999
ISBN: 0263140490, 0263788334, 0263141845, 0263824233, 0733550754


"You can keep your money," she said, pushing her hat back from her face, and glaring at him. "An Abject apology would be more in line, though I doubt it will be forthcoming."

"I appear to have made a mistake. I took you for one of the village girls. But..." he eyed her uncertainly again. "...we've met before, haven't we?"

"Yes," said Francesca stonily, wishing she could lie.

Francesca lives with her aunt, Cassandra Shelwood, who never lets one day go past without reminding her niece of what a disgrace her mother was and that she's only allowed to make a home for herself with her aunt due to her grandfather's will. One day the lonely teenage Francesca meets Marcus Carne who happen to be visiting their disreputable neighbor. Marcus is about to embark on a military career when he run into Francesca. Unfortunately, one of her aunt's servants see their rather innocent meeting and Francesca is severely punish for her "sin." However, at her aunt's death Francesca gets the shock of a lifetime.

This is an at times rather painful Cinderella story although by no means a cliché. There are many layers of agony and misunderstanding, which at times makes a happy ending seem rather remote. Yet, you can't but help that these two scarred and miserable people will find happiness together.

Svensk titel: Ett förmånligt parti

Översättare: Eva Wennbom
Förlag: Harlequin, 1998
ISBN: 91-640-1048-1

First published 1997 by Mills & Boon, reissued 1998, 2003
Cover: Mills & Boon The Regency Rakes #6, 2003
ISBN: 0263154076, 0263803805, 0263154130, 0263836673

Christmas Belles


"I don't care what you say, Giles! I have bowed to your opinion enough. This time I shall do what I know to be right -"

"A rare event, Rosabelle! Or will you manage to convince yourself yet again that what you wish to do is conveniently what you out to do?"

Svensk titel: Rosabelle

Översättare: Vivianne Cruuka
Förlag: Harlequin, 2000
ISBN: 91-640-1244-1


"I thought you'd be here before this. I sent the carriage early enough. Where the devil have you been?

"If you are to blame Goss for not being here earlier, you would be unjust."

"That cannot be so. I allowed plenty of time for stops!"

"Five minutes or so to change the horses may be an estimable aim in Army life, but I assure you, it is not the norm in civilized society."

Christmas Belles is a rerelease in one volume of the books Rosabelle and Annabelle by Sylvia Andrew. Rosabelle and Annabelle are twins and we get to follow them, each in her book, on their sometimes troublesome way to love and happiness. Little does Rosabelle know when she trade places with her sister that she will put both herself and Annabelle in danger or that the man her sister scorned might just be the man for her. But will he think so when he finds out the truth?

I liked these two stories a lot; they are full of fun but also have a serious side to them. Mrs. Andrew has pulled off the parallel tales with nary a screw-up, an astonishing accomplishment in itself! If you like insightful stories with a bit of adventure then Sylvia Andrew is the author for you. I've yet to read a book of hers that's not worthy of my keeper shelf!

Svensk titel: Annabelle

Översättare: Vivianne Cruuka
Förlag: Harlequin, 2000
ISBN: 91-640-1247-6

First published 1998 by Mills & Boon, reissued 1999, 2000 as Christmas Belles (Harlequin), reissued 2004 as Regency Brides: No. 6.
Cover: Harlequin Romance Chrismass Belles, 2000
ISBN: 0263158985, 0263158993, 0263812588, 0263812596, 0263159019, 0263159000, 0263840840

The Steepwood Scandal

An Unreasonable Match

"No, Miss Perceval. I shall see you to your door," he said grimly, ignoring her attempts at farewell. At the door he bowed and at last handed her the parcel. "Goodbye, Miss Perceval. No doubt we shall see each other again."

"I look forward to it already," said Hester.

As Robert Dungarran retraced his steps toward Curzon Street a slight frown marred his handsome features. For someone who had so little command of language her last remark had been remarkably polished. And now he thought of it her 'I look froward to it already' had been delivered with a nice touch of irony. Was there more to Hester Perceval than at first appeared...? Impossible!

At seventeen Hester made a fool of herself over Robert Dungarran and retired from Society in disgrace. After writing out her pain in a perfectly scurrilous story about her tormentors, she rebuilt her life around her interest in mathematics and ciphers. Now six years later she is perfectly happy with her life and particularly her correspondence and friendship with Zeno, a fellow mathematician, which gives her much pleasure. The last thing she wants is another London season.

Hester's story is one of my very favorites, as my dogeared copy testifies. The story is fast paced, the development of the relationship between Hester and Robert believable and not completely lacking in problems. It is refreshing that the author uses real issues that the couple must overcome rather than the artificial "Big Misunderstanding" so often employed in modern romances. Hats off for a very engaging read!

Svensk titel: I största hemlighet

Översättare: Vivianne Cruuka
Förlag: Harlequin, 2002
ISBN: 91-640-2617-5

First published 2001 by Mills & Boon, reissued 2002 (Harlequin)
Cover: Mills & Boon The Steepwood Scandal #7, 2001
ISBN: 0263828484, 0263828484, 0733587305

An Inescapable Match

"Deborah Staunton? What the devil are you doing here? And what in the name of heaven is that ill-tempered animal?"

Miss Staunton eyed him resentfully. She had hoped to encounter some kindly soul. Why did it have to belong to the last man in Northamptonshire she wanted to meet like this. Miss Staunton straightened her shoulders and rallied.

"Really, Hugo! It's a dog, of course! And Autolycus isn't ill-tempered - he just didn't like the way you spoke to me. To tell the truth, nor did I!"

If there is one girl Hugo Perceval never wants to meet again it's Deborah Staunton. Four years ago her antics almost ostracized him from society and this chance meeting certainly does nothing to indicate that she is changed for the better. Deborah adores Hugo but there is no denying that at times he is so sure of himself that she wants to shake him. Particularly now that he has decided to marry some biddable girl who's gentleness is sure to make him unbearably stuffy.

The continuing story about the Perceval family, this time with Hester's fastidious older brother cast in the roll of the hero. This is a much lighter read, a domestic romance set in the countryside. Some slapstick humor with serious undertones, as is usual with Sylvia Andrew's books, yet nothing of the anquish of Hester's story. A nice way to will away the hours.

Svensk titel: Belägrat hjärta

Översättare: Vivianne Cruuka
Förlag: Harlequin, 2004
ISBN: 91-640-2743-0

First published 2002 by Mills & Boon, reissued 2003 (Harlequin)
Cover: Mills & Boon The Steepwood Scandal #15, 2002
ISBN: 0373304307, 0263828565, 0373304307, 0263855023, 0733587348

The Waterloo Trilogy

Lord Calthorpe's Promise

Muttering, desperately trying to hold her hat in one hand, and anchor he cloak with the other, she ran full tilt into what felt like a wall. She staggered and sat down.

"I'm sorry! Ma'am, are you hurt? No, don't move, let me see if you are hurt first." All tall figure squatted beside her and started to feel her legs. This was too much!

"Don't touch me, sir!" Katherine exclaimed fiercely. "And don't try to help me get up, either! You've done enough damage already."

Katherine Payne's first meeting with Adam Calthorpe was stormy, but then she had for months coped with a situation that was quickly deteriorating from bad to worse. With her beloved brother Tom's death at Waterloo she had in one blow lost her closest companion, her home and her future. Reality was her ruthless Uncle Henry, her fortune hunting cousin Walter and the desertation of her champion, or so she thought. Although events kept Adam out of England longer than expected, he hadn't forgot his promise to Tom at the eve of Waterloo - to look after Kate.

The first part of three losely linked stories, beginning with the Duchess of Richmond's ball in Brussles and following the lives of three officers that took part. Major Adam Calthorpe of the Fighting 52'd is the first man out and never has a hero more thoroughly deserved his fate.

Svensk titel: Kate - Mitt Öde, Mitt Waterloo

Översättare: Eva Wennbom
Förlag: Harlequin, 2003
ISBN: 91-640-2733-3

First published 2002 by Mills & Boon, reprint scheduled for June 2009
Cover: Mills & Boon Regency, 2002
ISBN: 0263174166, 0263831248, 0263173305, 0263875512

Lord Trenchard's Choice

"You leave him alone, do you hear?" The voice rang out, high and clear. Ivo vinced as the sound sent his head throbbing again, and slowly turned. The next moment headache, heartache, everything was forgotten as he stared into the muzzle of a pistol, which was pointing directly at his head, not ten paces away. It was in the hands of a boy that couldn't be more than eleven or twelve. Ivo shivered as a chill ran down his spine. Guns in the hands of children could be fatal, and this boy looked angry enough to shoot him.

"You scum!" the boy went on without moving. "I suppose you mean to sell Star at Taunton, along with the others you have stolen."

If it didn't rile the mind of Ivo Trenchard, of the 7th Hussars and the most polished man in Europe, to be mistaken for a simple horse thief, finding that the urchin pulling a gun on him was a teenage girl certainly did! Joscelin Morley both dressed and lived her life as a boy in a futile attempt to please her father. Her future was clear: Marriage to her neighbor Peter was to join the two estates and they would settled down to care for the land they both loved. So where did the worldly Ivo, her godmother's nephew and a terrible flirt, fit into the equation?

We already met Ivo in Lord Calthorpe's Promise and it's only right he's the hero of the second book in the trilogy. This is no ordinary Chick in Pants book, the reasons for Jossie's choice of dress are solid as are the reprocusions. This is no lightweight tale but an absorbing story of personal growth for both the hero and the heroine. I warmly recommend this one.

Svensk titel: Succe I Sociteten

Översättare: Eva Wennbom
Förlag: Harlequin, 2004
ISBN: 91-640-2739-2

First published 2003 by Mills & Boon, reprinted 2009 in Regency High Society Affairs
Cover: Mills & Boon Regency, 2002
ISBN: 0263174328, 0263834948, 0263179974, 0733550754, 0263179974, 0263875539

Colonel Ancroft's Love

"Have you gone mad, Fenny? It's quite out of the question. The journey to Marrick would be tedious enough without adding a sorrowing widow to the party. What the devil are you thinking of?

Who is she, anyway?" "At the moment she is known as Mrs Hopkins," said Mr Fennybright carefully.

"Known as? At the moment? What does that mean?"

"It is for her own protection. The lady is under some threat. She... she believes she is being pursued."

Colonel John Ancroft, late of Wellington's staff and the new Lord Coverdale, is none too happy about either his inheritance or having to face the ghosts of his youth but most especially doesn't he like escorting a tiresome elderly widow. Caroline Duval, late of Jamaica, isn't most pleased with her escort, whom she dubs her Wooden Soldier, but with a rascally cousin doing all in his might to stop her carrying out her grandfathers last bequest, beggars can't be chosers. But John turns out to have unimagined depths, as well as great sorrows, and Caro finds her heart touched for the first time in a long, long time.

In some ways a travel tale this story moves from Dover to the Scotish border, with a large portion set in Yorkshire. This book concludes the trilogy and ties together the three tales, at the end of which we leave all three officers bringing out a toast for The Duke and the men of Waterloo.

Svensk titel: En Omvänd Syndare

Översättare: Eva Wennbom
Förlag: Harlequin, 2004
ISBN: 91-640-2745-7

First published 2003 by Mills & Boon, reissued 2004, reprinted 2009 in Regency High Society Affairs
Cover: Mills & Boon Regency, 2003
ISBN: 0263181812, 0263178331, 026383526X, 0263181812, 0733550754, 0263875555

A Very Unusual Governess

It was quite extraordinary - Wychfod seemed to be smiling! How could a house smile? Mr Barraclough stopped and gazed at her for a moment. "Well, Miss Petrie, I don't know how you heard so quickly about the post as governess here, but I'm afraid you've had a wasted journey. You're not at all what I'm looking for."

I should have thought that was exactly what you required, Sir. Or Am I mistaken?"

"Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps you're not the pretty featherhead you look."

"Feathrehead!" Octavia took a deep breath.

It's been five years since Lady Octavia Petrie's successful London season was cut short by her mother's death. Not that it mattered much in itself as she hadn't met anyone she wanted to marry anyway. Keeping house for her aging father was an easy choice then but as the years passed Octavia grew more and more desperate for a life of her own. The inheritance of the Wychford estate was heaven sent, if only she could live there! Visiting the house for the first time ever she was mistaken for a governess by her arrogant tenant and, in a fit of pique, agreed to stay on as a temporary caretaker of his nieces. The house seemed to approve...

This story is rather unusual as the hero and heroine must share center stage with a house! But Wychford isn't any ordinary house as it welcomes people it likes while doing their best to rid itself of those it doesn't. Although not overtly fond of children in romances, I liked this story very much. There's no precociously annoying brats maskerading as cutesypies here, thank goodness!

Svensk titel: Ladyns Dubbelspel

Översättare: Christina Sohlberg
Förlag: Harlequin, 2006
ISBN: 91-640-4023-2

First published 2004 by Milles & Bonn, reprinted 2010 in His Governess Bride
Cover: Mills & Boon Regency, 2004
ISBN: 0263183998, 0263839605, 0263181952, 0373293909, 0263877086

The Bridegroom's Bargain

"All of you stand back! I warn you all. If anyone moves, I shall shoot Deverell straight away. And I won't miss."

"I think I can vouch for that," [Richard] said. "Alexandra is a first-class shot. I taught her myself."

It should have been a day of happiness when Alexandra Rawdon married Richard Deverell, her childhood sweetheart, but that was before she knew he was instrumential in the death of her brother and the ruin of her father. Determined to salvage what she could of the Rawdon heritage for her cousin, she decided to marry Richard anyway and have him pay, the words "till death do us apart" taking on a new and chilling meaning.

It's hard to describe this story in conventional plot terms as it's several things simultaneously. In some ways it's a story of revenge, in others a marriage of convenience, in yet others a Big Misunderstanding, but it's also a mystery and something of a "who dune it" as well. The one thing it's not is a comedy! I do think it was a mistake to marry off the title characters (with each other) in the opening scene of the book. That said, I still couldn't put it down! Sylvia knows how to do the trick and the book works. It doesn't reach the heights of Serena or An Unreasonable Match but an absorbing read for all that.

Svensk titel: Rivalerna

Översättare: Gabriella Bernhoff
Förlag: Harlequin, 2006
ISBN: 91-640-4031-3

First published 2005 by Milles & Bonn, reprinted 2006 in Regency Rakes
Cover: Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd, 2005
ISBN: 0263188035, 0263843599, 0733567746

Miss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter

"Well, well, well," he said. "A damsel in distress, by heaven. What the devil are you doing up there?"

"I'm stuck. Because there's half a ton of bull waiting for me behind the tree. I have no desire to be gored to death. And unless you don't stop asking useless questions and help me down from this tree, I shall fall down all by myself."

Emily Winbolt's first meeting with Sir William Ashenden was as unexpected as it was unsettling. Chased up a tree by Farmer Pritchard's vicious bull, she literally fell into William's arms, where she found herself acting not at all like herself. But soon doubt would assail her. Was William really sincere in his regard or was he just another fortune hunter? How could she be sure?

A sequel to Rosabelle, set about 6-7 years into the future, this story focuses on Philip Winbolt's sister Emily and her wish to make a life for herself. Living with Philip and Rosabelle, she's every day reminded of what a happy marriage can be like. I enjoyed getting to better know strong-minded Emily and felt for her in her struggles. William is a suitable hero for her, a man with lots of humor and a solid backbone.

First published 2008 by Mills & Boon, large print available
Cover: Mills & Boon Historical, 2008
ISBN: 0263202135, 0263862917, 0263206599

Reawakening Miss Calverley

"Who are you?" He asked softly.

"I'm An...," she began, then stopped and a small frown wrinkled her brow. "I know who you are. You said I was safe here. I'm An..."

"It doesn't matter. You can tell me later. And you are safe here, I promise."

James, Lord Aldhurst has had more caps set at him that is good for a man and is utterly blasé. When Lady Barbara publishes her wrongs to the world, Lord Aldhurst's grandmother decides it's time for her dear James to rusticate and never mind if Lady Barbara's accusations are true or not. While approaching the house, James almost rides over an unconscious woman. But who is she? Nobody knows. Is she a lady or is she not? Poor Anne is no help as the only thing she can remember is the first syllable of her name and being in great peril.

I think every author has one amnesia story in her and this is Sylvia's. Not bad as amnesia tales go. As always the strength of the writing is in characters rather than plot. I liked Anne and James, two levelheaded persons finding themselves in unusual circumstances. I could have wished for more meat on the bones regarding the plot, which is rather sketchy and at times the book feels like it's been severely pruned to fit within a certain word count. The prose is excellent as always and a joy to read; standing head and shoulder above the average romance published these days. Amazingly this is something as unusual as a no sex historical. Note: The cover blurb is awful. The book is MUCH better than that!

First published 2010 by Mills & Boon
ISBN: 0263214672, 0263876128

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